Where do you find inspiration?

One needs inspiration to be motivated to do great things, strength to go on every day despite the endless obstacles and live in the way they have always wished. It can be different to each person; but at the end of the day we expect something or someone to push us forward and tell us that “you can”, that you have the capacity to explore, feel, express and channel power of positivity. All of us need that feeling of being stimulated, encouraged and make that power to generate peace, joy and love everywhere.

Where do you find inspiration?

Different people find inspiration in diverse settings. But a common and a very powerful source is nature. Just look out there and you can feel the force, beauty and wonder of nature binding you to this world and whispering encouragements in your ear. If those small plants can endure the harsh winds, if those cute rabbits can survive voracious predators why can’t you make it out there? Watch flowers bloom and animals play in the park and carry that energy and gracefulness throughout the day. Go for a walk and practice meditating; you will not feel the time go by. Any thing you do, reading, cooking, even cleaning the floor, can be a meditation. It simply means practicing mindfulness of what you do at that given time.

Use new technology

You can find inspiration via the new information sharing platforms. For example there are many stories out there how people without limbs made it to the top. Watch a TED talk in the web to learn about things that will make you move. You can easily find many inspirational videos in the web. Read blogs and join forums where similar stories and relatable challenges in life are discussed. You also can write, not only read, blog posts and share your experiences of how you found inspiration.

Music and arts

Most people find motivation via aesthetic endevours. Music takes a major place there. Music is a universal language; anyone can listen to and enjoy any song even not knowing the language it is been sung in. People have their own playlists and music stored in their tech gadgets; but consider other methods such as radio. It is cheap, you can listen to any channel from anywhere and enjoy the music. You can also take part in the conversation going on in the radio. It is a society where you can be a part of without being judged of your appearance.

Try every possibility

Try something you always have wanted to do, but pushed behind assuming you wouldn’t be able to; things from riding a rollercoaster to taking part in yoga or writing your own poetry. Take an upper hand in your day-to-day activities and consider teaching someone something; bring the leader in you outside. Whilst teaching someone else, you can also learn something new yourself too. How about writing a programme in simple codes? That may sound really serious but once you start doing it you will find that it is actually very easy.

Once you “find” yourself through all these, you can consider everything and contemplate what changes they did to make your life positive; you can then help and try to change the world around you for the good.

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