What to Say to the Family of the Deceased at a Memorial Service?

Death touches all of us, no matter who we are or what we may do in life; we all have to face death. It still does not make it easy though. Especially when someone who knows has lost a loved one. Have you ever wondered what to say to them in such a situation? How to comfort them or remind them that you are there for them? It is not an easy feat. And when family members are emotional during funerals you tend to forget what you wanted to say to them when you look at their grieving faces. So here are a few things you can say to any grieving family upon their loss, in case you are not sure what to say:

Just Listen

Oddly enough the best thing for you to do is not talk at all. Rather you need to just listen to the grieving family members, nod your head while they speak, hold their hand and just be present. Sometimes they may have things they just want to get off of their chest so listen and keep what they said to you privately. Let them talk about the death with you, if they want.

Forget About Other People

Do not talk about other people when the grieving family member speaks. Just let them focus on their loss for the time being. Do not mention other people’s experiences so as to undermine theirs. Only mention how others too have survived such loss and that they will get through it and be okay.

Be There For Them

Remind the grieving family that you are there for them that you will take care of them and see to some of their needs. Even if you are not close with the family of the deceased you should have enough humanity in yourself to offer any help they might need. Because if you were in the same situation you too would want people to be willing to help you. So be kind and say to the family members of the deceased “if you need anything always feel free to ask me, I’ll be there”.

Do Not Give Commands

Do not tell them what to do, unless you are funeral directors Brisbane and have specific instructions for them to follow at the service. Do not say things like “you need to get over this”, “you have to be strong for your family”, “you’re still young, and you will have more children”. It might be extremely hurtful to them, so watch what you say.

Death is tragic and difficult but when you do not know what to say at a memorial service, you can make things extremely awkward and uncomfortable for the family of the deceased. So stick to some of what has been mentioned here as it will keep you in safe waters. But also remember to be yourself, be sincere and just speak from your heart and ultimately be a source of comfort through your words.

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