Well-Known Toxins You May Have in Your Home

Just how safe your home is truly? To be absolutely sure, check out the following toxins and make sure none are present in your home:

Lead Paint

This infamous toxin poses serious risks to the health of children, and in some causes even death. You must have all new houses professionally inspected for lead. It can cause nerve damage on the long term.  Hire a professional lead paint removal services to abate the health risk. If your house was built in the seventies or eighties, it’s highly likely that there would be lead in the house.

Naphthalene and Paradichlorobenzene

Still using moth balls to keep bugs off your undies drawer? Mothballs contain a chemical called paradichlorobenzene. Animal studies have shown that this chemical can cause cancer. Another popular ingredient in mothball is naphthalene, which can damage your red blood cells or cause you to vomit, if the mothballs are exposed to air for a long time. Now is definitely the time to get rid of mothballs and find alternatives that woke just as well.


You may wonder how this infamous toxin could still be in your home. If you have any faux, pressed wood items like panelling or fibre boards, chances are high that these items may contain formaldehyde. This material made is banned in a number of countries, but it can seep into products made in the seventies.


Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are a banned nearly everywhere, for their emissions and also your safety. Some carpets or dyes in your home may be made up VoC material. This material causes emissions that harm your health as well the environment.


Most people freak out over BPA. Properly named as bisphenol-A, BPA may cause oestrogen levels in the body to go haywire. You may be surprised where BPA is found, such as in tinned foods and baby formulae.


Phthalates by now is a scary word. It’s a toxin that disrupts hormones in the body, much like BPA. This chemical is used to soften plastics. So if you use any items where the plastic has been moulded, then you are probably looking at a product with phthalates.


These are little plastic molecules, except that they can contribute toward cancer. Studies have shown plasticizers can cause or developmental delays in children. This chemical is mostly found in cosmetic products. You really shouldn’t buy items with plasticisers.

Flame Retardants

Flame retardant, or polybrominateddiphenyl ethers, is usually present upholstery and mattresses to prevent them from getting lit up. However, research indicates that PBDE is linked to a health issues, like memory problems and even long-term long spake counts. It might even be carcinogenic to humans.

If you notice any of the above toxins in your home, then you must take immediate steps to eliminate it permanently. Call in a professional inspection services with experience to best abate the toxins. If possible, learn more about the toxin for better results.

If you have children, follow the government recommended guidelines for keeping them away from toxins in the house. Keep all medicines and similar items out of reach of children at all times.

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