Various Ways to Cook Your Meat

Are you a beginner at cooking? If you are, don’t feel bad. We all started where you are. You’re probably reading this article for inspiration and knowledge on how to further venture your culinary knowledge. That’s amazing! I’m very glad you’re here. When I first started getting big into the culinary field, I did the exact same thing you’re doing, and it worked out perfectly for me. The internet truly is your friend. That is why I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you today. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the various ways one could cook a slab of meat. In this article, we’ll be using the easiest, most accessible meat as our test subject- Chicken.

 From boiling pan to the deep fryer, I’ll take you there. Let’s go.

The Frying Pan is Your Best Friend

The frying pan is very versatile. It’s my absolute favorite tool when cooking food, and that’s why I probably use it in everything I make. Now, you too should know about the various ways you can cook meat using the frying pan. And soon, you shall.

First of all, you could make a nicely crisp fried piece of chicken. Fill the frying pan with oil, about 3/4th of the depth of the pan.  I recommend neutral tasting oil such as vegetable. Do not use olive oil! Don’t let the oil get too hot, you’ll know when it starts bubbling. Add your battered/coated chicken into the hot oil, 3 minutes on each side and place into a cooling rack once done. I love sprinkling some salt on top of the crispy chicken.

The Frying Pan is Still Your Best Friend

Sautéing food is also quite wonderful. It’s my go-to cooking method, and I can promise you all cooks are the same. Add your seasoned meat into the frying pan with a spoon full of oil, but I recommend butter instead. Add some herbs and garlic if you want a great flavor singing through.

The chicken comes out crisp and is a much healthier option than deep frying.

Oven Baking is Great

Oven baking is very much the easiest way to cook your meat and is the healthiest as it takes the less grease. It’s effortless as you just place your chicken on a baking pan, usually oiled or underneath baking paper. The oven needs to be preheated beforehand.

You’ll know when it is done when the chicken is crisp, golden and white in the middle. It usually takes me 20 minutes in the oven to bake the chicken.

Thankfully, we are 21st century individuals. In our day and age, technology has allowed for devices that bake, BBQ, fry and boils all in one. A device like the big green egg BBQ is my favorite...

My love for food is still very strong and I don’t see it ever losing its place in my heart. As I grew more knowledge of food, my love grew. Hopefully, you’re like me.

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