Tips to Plan a Surprise Birthday

One of the best gifts to you loved ones on their special day is to plan them a surprise birthday party. But sometimes it is not easy since you might have to do a lot of work without them figuring out you plans early. Take a look at these tips to find out how to plan a great surprise without giving your secret away.

Tell the Guests

Find out through a parent or another friend who are the people she/ he will want at their party. Decide whether it is going to be friends only or relative only or whether you should invite both. Tell you guests that you are hosting a surprise so that they will not accidently spill your plans to the birthday girl/ boy. When you are fixing a time make sure you mention a time much earlier than the arrival of the guest of honour so that even if someone is late, the surprise will not be ruined.

Get Help

Get the help of someone else who is very close to the guest of honour. This can be their mom or dad, a close friend or their partner. They will help you to figure out things such as favourite food or favourite themes of the birthday girl or boy. If you want to distract the guest of honour so that she/ he will not find out and bring she/ he to the venue at the right time, these people are the ones who can help you.

Dress Code

Plan a dress code that matches the venue or the theme. For example, if this in the beach or by a party you will not need to dress too elegantly. But if it is going to be a grad celebration, then cocktail dress code is the ideal. When you are bringing the guest of honour to the party make sure they are in the right dress code too.


For a beach or a pool celebration you will not be needing too much decoration except some lights and other light decor items. But if you are making it thematic, then you need to plan the decorations and purchase them beforehand. Start decorating on the day before or on the morning of the party day to make sure the guest of honour will not find out.  Make a list of decoration items you need for a birthday party singapore. Finish the purchase of décor early so you don’t have to worry later.

Once all these are set up, wait for the guest of honour to arrive. make sure to get a photographer to capture the best moments, such as the look on the guest’s face face when you yell ‘surprise!’

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