The Importance Of Having A Well-Lit Home and Why

Although it is best to have a naturally well-lit home, this is not always possible for all people. In today’s congested and tight living spaces that do not take account of natural light, space and greenery (among other things) there is no proper lighting and so most people tend to have to resort to good old artificial lighting because it is the next best thing.

It Sets the Mood

As I am sure you have already heard there is such a thing as ambient lighting and as the name suggests it basically helps to create a good atmosphere or set a mood in the room. Lighting can make or break your mood some days and I know this due to the fact that one two out of three lights in one of the rooms in my home stopped working for months on end. And it started to make everyone so super depressed after spending a while in that room. Why? Because the room was dark and the only working light was on one end of the room, so it just made the whole room very dungeon like. That is why I say that good lighting can actually lift your spirits a bit and bad lighting can put you in a gloomy mood. So I am serious when I say fix your lighting before you start to feel depressed.

Layering Light

The way to make the most of your room is to layer your lighting as best as possible. Firstly, you need to have your main over-head lighting that lights up the whole room. Then you need to add some (possibly adjustable) recessed lighting that just illuminates a few spots in the room. And the third layer has to be task/function lighting that lights up the areas you work in most. The last layer is purely decorative and can be like lamps on a fireplace.

You Perform Better

Of course, when you can see what you are doing you are bound to perform better. To create a space that is lit so well that it improves your performance. Check what light fixtures and bulbs are most powerful (thereby helping you work better) by checking different electrical supplies online. You are sure to find something beneficial. Good lighting helps you to perform better because you feel more active and you do not have to strain to look at anything. It puts you in a good mood and so you just work a whole lot better.

Naturally lit areas both in your place work and at home are ideal, but if you do not have good natural light then it is not an issue because artificial lights are the next best thing. But with artificial lights, placement is everything! If placed in the wrong locations, then it can cause a lot of eye strain, headaches and sometimes even put you in a bad mood. So do not underestimate the importance of having an artificially well-lit home.

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