Stuck at home on a rainy day?

Weather can have a strong effect on you. A nice and sunny day makes you feel positive and bright, and a gloomy rainy day can do the opposite to you. Similarly a bright and unclouded day makes you want to go out and enjoy when a rainy day makes you want to just huddle in bed, doing nothing. If that is the case, if you can afford to stay at home from work or school, what activities are there to make that time interesting?


Rainy day playlist


If you are a member of the music-lovers’ gang, of which most of the world is a part of, you can try to make a rainy day playlist; your favourite music in one disk or your own MP3 player to keep you from going totally numb on a cold, dark day. Try listening to the radio once in a while too. Even though the new generation is quite far from even knowing what an FM radio can do, in a situation such as this, you will find it speaks to your heart and becomes a real close friend. There are not only music in a radio station; you can take part in the quizzes, listen to the discussions going on, vote on a certain topic etc. Radio is a perfect media to express your ideas, there are many people listening to you out there.

Try your hand at cooking!

Nowadays more and more sources give you cool tips, easy recipes and much more when it comes to trying your hand at being a wizard in the kitchen. With the new technologies present you can get in to it effortlessly. Of course the gender doesn’t matter; the more you are engaged in it, more you’ll like it. Maybe at the end of the rainy day, when people are out and about you can invite them to a small party at your home, with food prepared entirely by you! It can be easily converted in to an income source as well. Sometimes even the creativeness you didn’t know you possessed will come out in the shape of a cake.

Read/ Knit and browse the internet

Browsing the internet or watching a movie is what first comes in to your mind when you are stuck at home. You can make it help you, not just for all-purpose entertainment but also to learn somethinglike knitting. If you are a book person, collect some books froma second hand bookshop to face the stuck-at-home days. Your gloomy world can become bright and sunny with a good-natured rom-com.

Whatever you do, make it affect to you in a positive way; if it is melancholy outside, create something bouncy and cheerful from inside. That way the whole world will be brighter for you despite the weather around you.

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