Reasons for you to consider electrical engineering for your project

If science and math appeal to you but you’re not sure how to put your passion to work, the perfect solution might be a degree in engineering. Find these perks of jobs that come with engineering work.


If one of the biggest benefits of becoming an engineer is compensation. Electrical engineers are especially earning some of the highest salaries in the industry. The median salary is over $85,000 according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics. The average wage is based on a working week of 40 which means you can bring plenty of money back home and still have time to see your family. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 per cent of electrical engineers earn over $130,000.


Electrical engineering is a hands-on profession. You’ll be able to use what you’re doing to build and repair problems yourself. You’ll also learn how to solve problems as an engineer–the ultimate transferable skill. You must practice your imagination along with problem solving, and develop practical skills such as writing and programming. When you opt for a change in late life career, an engineering background should prepare you well for a number of fields.


Most of modern society relies on electrical technology, from governments to private citizens. Life as we know it would cease without the skills of the engineers. Therefore, being an electrical engineer gives you recognition and value not found in other careers. Electrical engineers are also able to advance more easily to management positions than other engineers, because they have the most comprehensive understanding of how construction systems work. Always  be sure you choose the right organization for the job.

Work access

You don’t need to have an advanced degree to find work in this field. You will be able to enter the workforce with a bachelor’s degree, and start earning money faster. This means less debt from student loans, and more practical experience. Like being a doctor or professor, engineers will earn high wages without putting in years of extra-curricular education. The job prospect is good, especially if you have an electrical engineering master. There are roughly 300,000 jobs available each year, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

Common Redress

If you are interested in traveling, an engineering degree may open the door to work elsewhere. Given that the laws governing math, electricity, and physics are universal, well-paid jobs can be found all over the world. As an English speaker, you will be able to use your language skills to secure your dream work along with your technological skills.

The technology an engineer works with is changing all the time. You will be able to work at the industry leading edge, helping to invent products or experiment with new ideas.

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