Psychology of cosmetic industry

Cosmetic industry is the biggest con someone had pulled and has still gotten away with it. In the absolutely perfect world, everyone should be recognised for the beauty they possess. But, unfortunately, it is not a perfect world and people are can be pretty mean about the looks of other people. You need to have a thick skin to not let the comments and remarks about you get to your head. This is impossible and it is one of the main reasons why cosmetic industry is always flourishing. When people start relishing in their beauty and others respect and admire that, then cosmetic industry will go under.

Marketing the product

If someone were to just come up to you and tell you that you need to buy these makeup products, would you even think about buying them? No! You will realise that it is a stupid idea. However, if someone tells you that your skin is dull and dark and you should try this product, then you are more likely to buy that product. Does this make you a person who is easily manipulated? Well, it kind of does. But, most of us fall into that trap and no one is an exception which makes it a socially accepted norm.

Psychology of cosmetic industry

Cosmetic industry is a con but in certain aspects, it should be accepted that it is a good con. Research proves that women wear make up to hide their flaws and it in fact helps them feel better about them whereby increasing their self confidence and their self esteem. However, for the people to feel better after wearing makeup, they should be feeling bad beforehand. This is the psychology implemented by cosmetic industry. They get the normal average people to feel about something normal through the help of main stream media. Then, the people will feel bad and would like to remove that negative arousal by buying and making use of makeup products. These would make them feel better about their looks and reduce the negative arousal whereby the individual will feel better.

It is important to understand that cosmetic products are not entirely bad. They do help some people to feel better about them and feel different. However, it is important to understand that it is not applicable always. Some people go to a much greater extend like go for cosmetic surgery. These without a doubt are dangerous to the person because there are always side effects to it. However, for a better world, we need to start accepting and loving ourselves as we are and teach others to do the same – after all without individual differences in opinion, body and every other aspect.

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