Make the best out of your spring break

After a hard working stretch at college you get a spring break for a few days. What can you plan for this? Maybe you want to spend the whole time at some beach or visit another area or county. Whatever you do, don’t waste that time. Similar to college time, spring break also won’t come twice in your life. If you are planning to visit a faraway place ensure some steps are followed before you go.

Calculate how long it takes


If you plan to go somewhere, estimate how long the travelling will take. As the break is only a few days if you spend one and a half days travelling one way, there won’t be any time to enjoy at the destination itself. Beat the competition and reserve your spots early. Gather up some friends, take all the required gear and head out there as soon as the break starts. Aim the beach! Who would say no to warm weather, coconut fronds and cocktails with a sweet touch?

Travel and see the world


Think of all the places you have always wanted to see. Travelling the world may not be feasible at this moment but have you been to all the local places that are well known in the world? Most of the time, people fly out to see Paris and London ignoring their own little city’s wonders. To save money and experience a fresh feeling try to visit the locale with some friends of yours. But again, organize early to have a foolproof plan; book flights early to use the low cost advantages and use your student discount to save money on flying.

Beach or sightseeing, don’t forget the music mix! Use it to beat the bore while travelling, make conversation and to sing-along. Turn that radio volume up high and enjoy a super ride to a beautiful destination.

Push-start your profession


If you are too late to plan an outing, you can spend the spring break to plan your career in the future. Use this time to search and apply for internships, brushing up on your interview skills and perfecting your CV. Most campuses have a career counselor and in this quiet period you can talk to the professionals there to learn the dos and don’ts. Moreover, talk to people and build your network; look for and participate in industry meetups, trade exhibitions etc. Evaluate your virtual presence. You wouldn’t want to look like a weirdo to potential employers!


You will have plenty of springs in your life; but only a few spring breaks. Make the most of them and ensure you don’t regret the way you spent that valuable time. Once you graduate and start working, you won’t have enough time to spend having fun; then you will understand the value of time.

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