How To Store Vehicle Radials The Right Way?

The right storage of radials is really important to the health and the durability of the radials. They will ensure that you are able to use them for a longer period of time and they will also help you save a really significant amount of money. However it is also very common that many vehicle owners do not really know the important fundamentals of how they should store their radials. This can lead to a lot of easily avoidable problems. Therefore if you are a vehicle owner, here are some of the most important fundamentals of storing radials that you should know.

The Main Rules Of Thumb

One of the main things that you should remember is that if you are a vehicle owner who switches between radial sets the right storage can really make sure that your radials always remain in great condition and that they also remain as good as new. In general you must also always store them in a cool and dry place. The environment where they are kept should definitely be indoors and it should be very clean. If left outside in an open environment for about a month the surface of the radials will crack and they will dry out. It would also be wise to have the contact details of a few tyre shops Perth so that you can always get professional help.

Before You Store Them

Before storing the radials make sure that you note which radial has been fixed in which position of the vehicle. This will give you the chance to rotate them correctly when you fix them in again. Next always wash the radials with water and let them dry completely before putting them in storage. You should always remember to inspect the radials for any damage. You must also make sure that there is no debris or stones trapped inside the grooves of the radials before you put them into storage. Remember that cleaning them well and drying them out will ensure that chances of corrosion are limited.

When You Store Them?

When storing the radials always keep them indoors in a clean, cool and dry place that will not let direct sunlight and heat to fall onto the radials. They should also be kept away from sources of ozone such as electricity generators and really hot water pipes. Storing radials outdoors is not recommended and even if you do you should only keep them outside for a very short period of time. When doing so, keep them lifted off of the ground and use a waterproof cover that has holes in it to ensure that there will be no building up of moisture inside. Makes sure that the surface on which you store the radials are free of oil, grease, any solvents, fuel or anything else that could potentially harm and contribute to the deterioration of the rubber. If the radials have whitewall or even white lettering on them store them so that the white areas face each other to avoid any staining with black rubber. This is for aesthetic appeal.

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