How to Break Out Of a Sedentary Lifestyle?

We all lead a very sedentary lifestyle to a great extent. It is one of the main reasons as to why non- infectious diseases like diabetes, heart disease and fatty liver have been reaching the levels of a pandemic over the last decade. Morbid obesity has claimed more lives than it ever should have and conditions like gastritis, stress and anxiety disorders have pushed the boundaries of what was considered in control in the past. The biggest culprit behind all of this is in reality the consistently sedentary lifestyle that we all lead. It is a very clear routine that we have on a daily basis. We transfer ourselves from the bed to the chair to the seat of the vehicle to the chair at the office and back to bed at home. There may be a lot of work getting done but actual work that your body needs gets neglected. Here are some ways in which you can really try to break out of your sedentary lifestyle.

Get Working Out Regularly

You have 24 hours in a day and a lot of the time those 24 hours really feels like they need to double in order for you to get your work completed. But if you learn to prioritize and manage your time you will be able to actually make more use of a day than you are at the moment. For example, think about how you can incorporate an hour everyday into working out. Or maybe if there is a short fitness retreat being held during a weekend you can take part in that. Find some time on a daily or at least a regular basis to work out and move around, sweat a bit extra and burn some of that unhealthy fat that is being stored in your system.

Find an Activity That You Genuinely Love Doing

Sometimes going to the gym begins to feel like a chore when you are really not enjoying it. If that is the case with you, your best bet is to find something that you genuinely love doing. For example, maybe you could think about swimming, or taking dancing classes, hiking, trekking, and simply going for long walks or anything in between. The trick here is to do something that you actually love doing and would want to look forward to regularly because then you will never stop, working out does not always have to be the traditional gym session that it used to be, there are so many options out there if you are just willing to try and work on yourself.

Don’t Always Sit Down

It is alright to sit down when you are working or studying but in between get up, stretch your legs, move around a bit, take a water break and then get back to it. Remaining seated in the same position for extended periods of time puts a huge amount of stress on your spine and that is really bad for you in the long run. Don’t always think about sitting either. If you sat since the time you woke up in the morning and you are now catching a train back home, don’t mind if you have to stand for a bit.

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