Going Above and Beyond in Your Job

Becoming successful at your place of employment depends on your attitude, skills and how hard you endeavour to fulfill the objectives of the job assigned to you. Why is it then that only some people advance in their careers while some others lag behind? It is because some of them go above and beyond in the job they’re doing rather than simply completing the tasks assigned to them. Are you one of them?

Clarify Your Position

In most organizations today, jobs are somewhat intertwined. For example, if you are a media executive, the exact job tasks assigned to you will depend on what sort of organization you are working for. If it is a small one, then you might have to do some of the tasks that are done by a communication executive in another company, a PR executive in yet another company and so on.

As a marketing person, today companies expect eligible candidates to be able to do graphic designing, write meaningful content, liaise with outside parties such as press, TV, and so on. This means that you should be willing to do image editing, remove background from image online or run out for special printouts if the need arises. However, to be clear about what are the extra tasks that you have to do first you have to be very clear about what you must do.

Demand to See A Proper Job Description

Requesting for your job description, commonly known as a “JD” is not unusual or something to be embarrassed about. It is important that you clarify what exactly your tasks are and to whom you are reporting to in your line of duties. When you have a clear idea about that, then you will know what tasks are your not-a-must activities.

In today’s corporate world though, it does not mean that you can simply do tasks A, B, and C because those are the ones assigned to you, and vehemently deny doing tasks P and Q because it is not in your JD. That is why the JDs are comprised of a clause at the end which says “any and every other relevant task assigned to the person by the management”! However, if it is within reason, there is no cause for you to refuse to carry out a task which you can do.

Difference Between Sucking Up and Going Above and Beyond

Some employees take it into their minds that sucking up to your boss – doing exactly what he or she says, praising them for no reason, telling tales about other employees – will bring them that most awaited promotion. Even though this sort of behaviour might bring short-term results such as a salary hike or a promotion, they do not last.

Therefore, remember to not to go about this in the wrong way and always fulfill the tasks that are assigned to you. Go above and beyond in fulfilling the organizational objectives not your objectives. Only via a true path, you will find the pinnacle of success.

The employment world today is highly competitive. Without highlighting your competencies, it won’t be possible to go higher on the career ladder. Going above and beyond is a good way to do this. Remember that there are no shortcuts to lasting success.

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