Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

After long days spent at the office, the continuous nagging of your wife and the never-ending demands of your kids, you of course deserve a night of fun with the boys. A boy’s night won’t take much planning and preparation; some good food, music, video games and other fun activities and you are good to go. So here are some guy-centric fun ideas to get the boys together to have some laughs and make some memories.

  1. Poker night

Poker nights have been the ultimate boys’ game for decades. With the increasing amounts of online and televised poker, more number of guys are interested in and learning poker. Boys take their card games very seriously unlike the ladies. They turn into competitive beasts, their testosterone kicks in and they are out to grab the win. If you have a whole place to yourself, the best way to lay the cards on the table is to add a few adult entertainment ladies to spice things up. The boy with the dedicated poker table with all the décor will be king for the night. Keep the distractions to a minimum; leave the mobile phones aside, fill up the drinks and you a good to go.

  • Camping

For the ones who love the great outdoors, could there be a better option. If you don’t have a whole place of your own for the night out and badly want to get away from your family, then camping is the ideal option so that you can spend some quality time with the boys. You can easily find campsites around your area that are equipped with site side electricity, clean restrooms, showers and ample space. You only need to care about the noise restrictions and also ensure you don’t litter around and you are in for an interesting night. You can easily get necessary camping gear such us tents, sleeping bags, coolers, lawn-chairs and grills and you good to go.

  • Sport night

A sport night is something the boys look forward to. it could be the rugby world cup final or super bowl, it’s an occasion that the boys love to wear their favourite team’s jersey and scream on top of their lungs at the TV. To have the best sports night, prepare your boy’s den; stack up the fridge with snacks and drinks, set up the sound system, pull out the cushions and chairs and prepare to enjoy the night. Things could get rough so take out the carpets and lampshades so that they don’t break anything or spill anything. The last thing you need is an earful from your wife.

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