Five Unique Ways to Get Hitched

Not everyone wants to have a traditional church wedding. When there’s so much to experience in the world, why not give your nuptials a unique twist? From cave weddings to saying your vows in a hot air balloon, here are some creative ways to get married.

On A Cruise Ship

They may not be exactly cheap, but getting married on an ocean liner is definitely something most couples dream of. This type of wedding is perfect if you love to travel and prefer a smaller ceremony. You also have the option of getting married on-board or at a foreign port. Cruise ship weddings are popular and fun and you won’t have to worry about inviting troublesome relatives either! In fact you could celebrate your ceremony any way you like, while travelling to places you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether it is a Caribbean island wedding or a sydney harbour wedding cruise, you’ll never run out of places to see and things to do.

Hot Air Balloons

What’s so fascinating about hot air balloonsthat make so many couples choose to get married in them? For starters, you’d be saying your vows while up in the air, and it doesn’t get any cooler than that. They say being in love makes you feel as if you’re floating, so how fitting is this approach really? Not only that, you’ll also get to witness the countryside from a bird’s eye point of view and catch some great scenery. You could choose a small wedding party to join you up above, about 12 guests at most, or have additional balloons tethered to yours. Also take your witnesses and minister along to conduct the ceremony.

In A Cave or Volcanic Crater

For the couple that loves taking risks, getting hitched in a cave can have a certain kind of charm. They’re dark and wet, yes. But some caves have amazing natural beauty. They also offer the chance to explore their depths and feel closer to nature. If you want to take it a step further, consider saying your vows on a volcanic mountain! Not only will this give you an adrenaline rush; you might even get lucky enough to capture some wedding photos with an erupting volcano in the background.

An Aquarium

Do you love the ocean and consider yourself something of a water baby? Well, now you have the option of getting married underwater! For example, Paradise Island in the Bahamas allows couples to get married in a custom-built lagoon modelled after the mythical city of Atlantis. You’ll be able to scuba dive with your sweetheart and see the marine life up close while also admiring the artefacts around you. Plus you’ll have a photographer along to snap shots of you swimming around like merpeople.

Ski Weddings

Another adventurous way to tie the knot is to get married on the snowy mountain slopes. Those who enjoy winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding, will love this one. You can now say your vows while zooming down the slopes. Switzerland is one of the places that offer packages like this. And all you’ll need to do is put on some winter wear over your wedding outfit, and you’re good to go.

So if you want to get creative with your wedding, consider these options.

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