Excellent Tips for Reuniting With a Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years…Minus the Awkwardness

If you’re meeting up with a friend after years, but dreading the inevitable awkwardness, here are a few tips for you to follow.

Set a Date and Remind Them of It As the Day Approaches

To be fair, most of us live pretty hectic lives. This being said, it is only natural that plans get cancelled at the last moment due to work or family emergencies. Always expect this to happen. Make plans to meet up on a day that you’re both free on; but have a “plan B”, an additional date in mind¾ just in case you or your friend has to cancel out in the last moment. You should also keep in mind that the human memory can be very tricky indeed¾especially with those who have busy lives. Always set a reminder for yourself 2 days prior to the meeting, and take the time to remind your friend of it.

Find a Great Spot for Your Rendezvous

Don’t make the mistake of having your rendezvous at your home or theirs. This will definitely weigh in on the awkward factor. Choose instead to meet up at a café or a bistro. A place like Sofia’s Burwood restaurant will be ideal to keep things casual and awkward-free. You can always meet someplace else, like at a park or your childhood school, but food has a natural way to help people relax, bond and connect. If you do happen to choose a restaurant, don’t forget to make sure it fits both your dietary restrictions. Don’t make the mistake of assuming things about your friend based on their past. People change over time, and so does their eating patterns.

Keep the First Meeting Short

You never know how this particular first meeting will turn out. You might have had a great connection in the past, and managed to easily spend hours talking to each other in the past, but don’t assume things will be the same when you meet up. You’ve both grown in the time you spent apart; it might be in separate directions. Keeping your meeting short avoids you from having to sit through a very awkward meeting.

Avoid Depending On Each Other For Transport

Always arrange for your own transport, and make sure your friend has their own mode of transport when they are leaving the rendezvous point. Having to depend on each other generally might be ok if you happen to get along well during this reunion, but given the chance that it didn’t go as planned, this additional time spent in each other’s company will only prolong the awkwardness you feel.

Keep an Open Mind; Accept Change and Differences in Each Other

Try your best to remember that you have both spent time away from each other. You have both grown. You have both changed. While it may shock you to see the extent to which your friend has changed, try not to let that interfere with how you feel about them. Remember, you once liked them enough to make them your friend. They might still have that quality that initially attracted them to you.

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