Cremating Vs. Burying: How Can You Decide?

Choosing whether buying or cremation is the way to go is a choice that is deeply personal and it is also something that is cripplingly painful and hard for most people who have just lost a loved one. Over the past few years cremating has gained an upper hand. However, even then, it is important to consider a few factors when you want to make this choice. It is not something that you should agree to half-heartedly. Here are some factors that will perhaps make you choose this difficult option for your dearly departed.

What Are The Main Differences To Consider?

Perhaps the best place to start is by laying everything out in a matter of fact way and analysing what the main differences are. When you cremate somebody the resulting incineration will reduce everything to ashes. In the case of a burial, the body will remain intact. Both of these options can happen immediately after the passing away of the person after a traditional funeral service or before a memorial service has been held. If you have chosen to carry out a burial, the body will be interred in the ground or deposited in a mausoleum and in the case of a cremation, the remains can be kept somewhere in your home, scattered on a place that was special to the deceased or buried or even entombed in a columbarium.

Respecting The Deceased’s Memory

One of the main issues that will come up when you are trying to choose between the two options is respecting the memory of the person and therefore by extension the body itself. It is, however, something that is very different from person to person. Some people will think that cremation is disrespectful while others think that allowing the body to decay is disrespectful. In many different cultures and faiths viewing the body and allowing others to come in to pay their final respects is something that is a highlight and considered extremely important. Many people think that cremating takes this out of the equation which is wrong. If you ask any expert like Perth cremations WA for example, they will tell you that this is not the case. If you wish to allow the body to be viewed it can be done before the cremating happens.

What Is The Impact On The Environment?

If you want to choose an option that is better for the environment there are many things to consider. Many people say that the materials used in caskets are not a hundred percent biodegradable which will make burial the less eco-friendly one. But all of this is entirely up to you. In addition to this people also say that embalming fluid is highly toxic and will be used in the case of burials which is why they feel that cremation is the better and greener choice out of the two.

Religious Beliefs

Different cultures around the world and different faiths choose one of the two based on their religions. You will have to take into consideration your faith or if the deceased was religious, their faith and its requirements when you make this choice too.

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