Create your dream job by yourself

Working for someone your entire life might make you wonder what exactly you would want to end up with one day when you are retired. Just memories? It will be lovely to live with the fond recollections but that won’t bring in your daily bread and butter. You need to have something worthwhile as an income for when you are old. It will be a dream come true to engage in a livelihood that is meaningful to you, which also brings in good revenue; something you can do even when you are too old for an office! Even though you don’t have a vast capital there are still things you can do with your willpower and creativity.

Expand your knowledge base

Apart from what you learnt so far, what are you aware of? Do you know how to repair a broken radio? Write a small programme to execute an invoice system? You can volunteer at work, school or outside to learn new things. When you choose some place to do so, make sure it suits your likes and preferences. Most companies now have employees engaged in extra, personal projects. If you are lucky enough to be working in such a company take that advantage. Meet new people, listen to podcasts (most of them are free) and read more. If you have an indication of a future employment idea, refine it, polish it and bring it to another level so when you start it, yours will be a unique venture.


Do not be afraid to take a risk. Most world-famous entrepreneurs are drop-outs or considered worthless at a point in their lives. You will have to experiment with novelty ideas not to spite those that who think you are crazy, but to prove to yourself that you can do it. Innovative ideas are not difficult to come by if you can spare a few moments to expand your horizons and imagine yourself in a new level of life. Is it hard for you to watch when someone writes without creative language? Have you always listened to music and thought this tune can be better with a certain addition to its beat? Try to compose that beat. You don’t need to have a studio at home to do a simple act like that. If you don’t start somewhere you won’t get anywhere, either.

Recognize prospects


Identify what the market is demanding and the suppliers have not been able to supply. Imagine how you can improve it with your skills and knowledge. If the demand is strong enough you can even produce a whole new product for it. Sometimes the society doesn’t even know they need something until someone develops it and presents it to them. For example the Walkman was a novel idea; until it came out no one even knew about it.

World is looking for people who can recognize and answerissues. Your answer should bring in a solution that is feasible, efficient and adds value. You can get help from everyone else to win this and create your own dream job or business for you if you know exactly what to do towin the world.


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