Common Issues Teenagers Face

The teens are a time period that is crucial for a child’s growth. In this stage they will go through so many things such as puberty, hormonal changes, personality changes, social and parental pressure, school work etc. and hence it can become a very stressful, confusing and overwhelming stage. Unlike in the old days, these problems are overlooked by parents as they are too busy with their work lives and don’t pay attention to their children. Rather, parents should focus on every matter regarding their teenage children, understand their feelings and support them through every step of the way. So here are some of the problems, to give you a heads up.

  1. Self-esteem and body image

Due to the physical changes that occur, teenagers tend to feel that they are too short, tall, skinny or fat and wish for what they aren’t. This will drastically affect their self-esteem as they will build a negative image of themselves in their minds and will think that others will think of him the same way. They will find it harder to fit in, and find friends who have similar interests. Puberty changes tempt teenagers to compare themselves with their peers and when they find they do not match their standards, they feel low. This is worsened by the perfectly toned models that appear on TV or movies, which these teenagers take as their role models. You need to teach your teenage daughter or son that it is okay to not look perfect and help them build their own identity.

  • Bullying

Bullying has become one of the top problems that are faced by teenagers. Bullying is a serious matter as it can lead up to suicide so you need to keep a close watch on your children with regard to this. If you notice that they are in constant fear of going to school, they are probably getting bullied either through physical attack or verbal abuse. The most common two reasons are appearance and social status. If your child has excess acne and hates heading out and facing people, you have a problem in your hands that can be solved. Get oily skin acne treatment Singapore so that your child’s confidence boosts up again.

  • Drugs and alcohol

Teenagers are curious and hence they are prone to try out new things. It is very common for teens to get into bad company and pick up these bad habits. There are many teenage deaths reported due to drug overdose and hence it is your responsibility to teach your child the consequences of it so that they know to choose from right and wrong.

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