3 Things you should be informing your babysitter beforehand

In the busy world most of us live in there is hardly any time to invest on truly looking after your family. This is especially hard when you are parent and have young kids, and it could be because of this reason as well that now the role of a babysitter is a fast-growing job opportunity for many. However, when selecting a person to look after your child, it is up to you to make the right choice after considering all the little details surrounded around the considering person. Once you have found your go-to-sitter you need to then inform them of certain details that would make theirs as well your child’s life easier. So here are some of them.

Contact details

You never know when there could be an emergency with kids, therefore always keeping the sitter offering babysitting services singapore informed of the numbers they could ring is utmost essential. In addition to leaving yours as well as your partners phone numbers, make sure that you also leave contact information of close relatives, your workplace landline and any other contacts that you feel would be necessary in case of emergency. After all, even though all of them would not be used it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Your kid’s routine

Kids love to know what to expect next, and that is also probably why you would have worked really hard to develop a routine. Dinner, bath, naps and whatnot that fall in to a routine makes your life easier as well. So to make sure your child isn’t disturbed from this routine do inform the sitter too on what and when he or she should be doing to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible. Generally kids end up being really moody or grumpy when the routine they have been used to for so long is disturbed up, so sticking to it essential!

How to deal with tantrums

Kids throwing temper tantrums cannot be avoided. However, dealing with them the right way is something you need to be prepared for beforehand. Most parents generally tend to figure out the best ways to deal with these in no time, and when they eventually have to leave back their kids with a sitter they make sure that they inform them as well of these methods. This ensures that not only a good service is done but that your child’s tantrums are also dealt with in the right way. So always make sure that you inform your sitter on the best ways of handling your child in case he or she throws a tantrum.

The only way a sitter can do his or her job well is with your support. So make sure that you provide them with the best support as much as possible!


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