• Cremating Vs. Burying: How Can You Decide?

    Choosing whether buying or cremation is the way to go is a choice that is deeply personal and it is also something that is cripplingly painful and hard for most people who have just lost a loved one. Over the past few years cremating has gained an upper hand. However, […]

  • Excellent Tips for Reuniting With a Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years…Minus the Awkwardness

    If you’re meeting up with a friend after years, but dreading the inevitable awkwardness, here are a few tips for you to follow. Set a Date and Remind Them of It As the Day Approaches To be fair, most of us live pretty hectic lives. This being said, it is […]

  • Effective strategies for making your business name a popular one

    For most entrepreneurs, running a business is much like having a second family, and the many obligations, emotions and requirements involved in the endeavor must be successfully and effectively handled to make the venture a profitable and meaningful one. Branding is one of the most important of these factors for […]

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