• Tips and Suggestions for Living Alone

    If the thought of living alone is scaring you, it’s probably because of all the new responsibilities that you’ll have to handle. Here are a few tips on how to live alone, without letting the responsibilities overwhelm you. Learn a Few Simple Recipes that Require Less Energy and Time to […]

  • 3 Things you should be informing your babysitter beforehand

    In the busy world most of us live in there is hardly any time to invest on truly looking after your family. This is especially hard when you are parent and have young kids, and it could be because of this reason as well that now the role of a […]

  • Psychology of cosmetic industry

    Cosmetic industry is the biggest con someone had pulled and has still gotten away with it. In the absolutely perfect world, everyone should be recognised for the beauty they possess. But, unfortunately, it is not a perfect world and people are can be pretty mean about the looks of other […]

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