• Where do you find inspiration?

    One needs inspiration to be motivated to do great things, strength to go on every day despite the endless obstacles and live in the way they have always wished. It can be different to each person; but at the end of the day we expect something or someone to push […]

  • Make the best out of your spring break

    After a hard working stretch at college you get a spring break for a few days. What can you plan for this? Maybe you want to spend the whole time at some beach or visit another area or county. Whatever you do, don’t waste that time. Similar to college time, […]

  • Tricks to beat the blues

    If you are under winter blues or just being lonely it is time to find out how to beat the misery and sorrow of your life by yourself. Just because something is not right or the world is dark, there is no need to take it all on to you […]

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